Tony heads to Ghana. The old Ghana, a land of forts and slavery, is a strong contrast to the modern-era Ghana, a culture filled with food and music.

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At Kumasi, Tony met a local musicion named Koo Nimo. Tony listened to his music and watched locals weaving kente cloth. While visiting Kumasi, Tony also enjoyed palm wine, red plantains and grass-cutter soup (from the meat of a local bush animal).


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Nzulezo (Stilt Village)

Tony took a boat ride to Nzulezo, where he met the local tribal leaders for a festive meal of palm wine, cassava fish and fish soup.

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Makola Market

Tony walked through Makola Market, where he sampled local wares and enjoyed a condensed milk-toffee drink made with local herbs, otherwise known as palm wine.

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Ghanaian Beach

Tony met with the former minister of tourism for Ghana. The 2 helped the locals harvest the catch of the day and savored a seafood meal consisting of kenkey (pounded rice), lobster, red snapper, shrimp, squid, cassava fish and barracuda.

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Osu Market

Tony met with Auntie Grace at Osu. The 2 enjoyed a local delicacy of spinach, pork belly, rice and beans with spaghetti noodles.

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