Fort Collins, CO

Adrenaline junkie Kevin Michael Connolly will take on just about anything, including some of the world's most skilled jousters at the Order of Epona Festival in Fort Collins, CO. But first, he has to build a custom saddle, learn how to handle a 500-pound horse and wield a 9-foot lance while wearing a full suit of armor. Not the easiest task for a legless guy. To practice, Kevin rides a mechanical bull, trains with jousting coach Patrick Lambke and learns the way to become a knight in a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) competition. His competitive side comes out in spades as he refuses to accept defeat.

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Armed & Ready: Fort Collins Pictures

Adrenaline junkie Kevin Michael Connolly prepares to take on ...

New Belgium Brewery Tour

Kevin tours the New Belgium Brewery, famous for their Fat ...


Jousting: Take 1

Kevin's first try in the actual jousting tournament doesn't ...


Become One With the Lance

Kevin practices his jousting skills with coach Patrick Lambke.


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