• Greedy Pig

    The Buyers Visit a Retro Collectibles Auction in ...

  • The Wizard of Odd

    The Buyers Stop at a Lost Property Auction in Toronto

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    Find Out Which Auction Specialist You're Most Like

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    What’s It Worth: Platinum Hits

    On the Platinum Hits episode, Billy ...

    What's It Worth: Sin City Win

    Billy Leroy wins a bid for an antique ...

    Mark Meyer's Auction Tips

    Mark Meyer has a way of hustling his ...

    Billy Leroy's Auction Tips

    Billy Leroy has his own style at ...

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    High-Altitude Investment

    Billy hopes for the best when he buys a ...

    Kites and Sounds

    Laurence and Sally debate the wisdom of ...

    Money Well Spent?

    Billy hopes the $150 he paid for a ...

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    Baggage Battles

    Baggage Battles follows 3 teams of savvy auction specialists who travel to some of the most important and unknown auctions where their bids are ...

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    Get to know Billy Leroy, Mark Meyer and Laurence and Sally Martin from Baggage Battles.

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    US Virgin Islands

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