Bizarre Foods goes to Hungary to get a mix of the old and new when it comes to food and culture. Andrew has an outdoor feast with a family of Romani gypsies, and dines with a top chef that puts a modern twist ...

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Gypsy Family Meal

Andrew joins a family of Romani gypsies for a homecoming celebration.

Paszab, Hungary

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Fishing on Lake Balaton

Andrew and local fishermen catch giant fish called busas and make a fish soup with a special tool that keeps the fish from breaking apart.

Budapest, Hungary

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Sweets at the Park

Popular food blogger Anna Peter takes Andrew to Normafa, a popular park, where people can buy snakes at small carts.

Budapest, Hungary

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Falatozo Bar

Andrew and Anna go to the Factory District on Csepel Island to sample some authentic old-style cooking that's turning into a dying art.

Csepel Island, Hungary

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Central Market Hall

Andrew and food writer Zsofia Mautner walk through the Central Market, but she's taking him to the part where the locals come to shop.

1093 Budapest Vámház körút 1, Hungary

Bock Bistro

Andrew visits this bistro where Chef Lajos Biro is taking traditional foods and giving them a modern twist.

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 43, Hungary

Cari Mama's Pizza Shop

Andrew visits Budapest's Jewish quarter, a place that feels a lot like home to him. He and local pastry shop owner Rachel Raj stop at a kosher pizza to try the pie.

Kazincy utca 2, Budapest

Fulemule Restaurant

Still in the Jewish Quarter, Andrew and Rachel stop at Fulemule, a place known for its cholet.

1085 Budapest K¿faragó St 5, Hungary


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