Andrew heads to Singapore to experience the diversity of food and culture. The melting pot is seen everywhere, including the hawker stalls where Andrew samples tasty treats.

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Tee Eng Wang -- Lee's Restaurant

Andrew visits a restaurant where a doctor diagnoses illnesses and prescribes meals to make patrons healthier.

Banana Leaf Apollo

Directly across the Singapore River from Chinatown, this restaurant is located in Little India. It has been around for 3 decades and is renowned for its fish-head curry.

54 Race Course Rd., Singapore

Tin Jin Hi Seafood Restaurant

Andrew visits a restaurant where the chef started out as a hawker.

Big Dee's Grill and Damien's House

This restaurant specializes in traditional food that has been forgotten over the years.

True Blue Restaurant

This restaurant pays homage to Peranaken culture and is dedicated to preparing traditional foods.

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