South Korea

Andrew travels to Seoul, South Korea, where he feasts on the country's most authentic soups, barbecues and fermented foods. Andrew's Asian adventure goes beyond eating when he makes his first batch of fresh ...

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Mapo Naruta

One of the best restaurants in town for barbecuing beef.

The Blue Sea Restaurant

The Blue Sea Restaurant is where Andrew prepares the fresh seafood purchased at the market.


Taste a Korean favorite, fermented skate that has been spoiling for days at room temperature.


This restaurant's specialty is 'Dead Body Soup.' The soup earned its name from its distinct odor.

Wonju Chuotang

The house specialty of Wonju Chuotang is Loach Soup. The loach is mudfish harvested from the freshwater ponds.

Cham Sulungtang

All the soups here are classic examples of how to make good food out of limited ingredients.


In a suburb of Seoul, Andrew visits Chamsutgama to enjoy a fabulous barbecue and a relaxing sauna.


Andrew visits this restaurant during a food crawl with 3 food bloggers from Seoul.

Hamul Nara Restaurant

This spot is aid to be one of the best places in town to eat the deadliest fish in the sea, blowfish (aka Fugu).

Jangeo-Gui Restaurant

This is the last of the 3 restaurants Andrew visits. He can't pass up the grilled eel.

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