Dangerous Grounds: Borneo

Todd ventures deep into the jungles of Borneo in search of one of the world's rarest coffee beans. He’s never seen this unique plant, but it's rumored to produce beans much larger than other types of coffee. Forging through the lush terrain, humidity, snakes and parasites, Todd crosses ancient bamboo bridges, eats slimy grub and sleeps in the wild -- all in the hope of bringing the exotic "Liberica" coffee bean back home to his roasters.

Borneo Pictures

Braving lush terrain, snakes and parasites, Todd crosses ...

A New, Exotic Coffee

Todd tastes Liberica coffee for the first time. Will it be ...


Liberica Coffee Tasting

Todd hosts a tasting for his coffee aficionado friends.


In Search of Elephant Coffee

Todd recounts the obstacles to finding a nearly extinct ...


Making Friends in Borneo

An Iban family welcomes Todd into their home and offers clues ...


Dinner in Borneo

Todd stops by a market for fish-head curry to fuel up before ...


Cuban Coffee

Tony tries Cuban coffee in Miami.

Amsterdam's Coffee

Get a look at Amsterdam's culture of coffee.

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