Iceland's Strongman Competition

Iceland's strongman competition consists of the following 5 events.

Farmer's Walk

Competitors in this event race to the finish line while carrying weights measuring from 275 to 375 lbs. in each hand. The fastest time wins.

Husafell Stone

A uniquely shaped and massive 385-lb. rock is carried at chest level in this one-of a-kind event. The competitor who carries the stone the farthest is declared the winner.

Loading Race

Five objects of varying weights (220-360 lbs.) are picked up and carried 50 feet before being placed onto a truck bed. The competitor who loads all 5 objects first wins.

Atlas Stones

This contest tests the competitors' endurance and strength. The goal is to pick up each of the 5 stones (increasing in weight from 220 to-352 lbs.) off the ground and place them on top of platforms. The fastest time wins.

Truck Pull

In this event, the competitor is harnessed to a truck (or in some cases a bus or airplane), which he has to pull 100 feet. The fastest time wins.

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