Extreme Houseboats

We spend countless hours planning and dreaming about the perfect vacation, but what if living at home felt like you were on vacation all the time? Join Extreme Houseboats for a tour of the country's most unbelievable floating homes.

Extreme Houseboats 4

The Donnelly Home

Bill Donnelly instantly fell in love with this upscale ...

The Bota Bota

Guests ejoy five-story luxury aboard Montreal's Bota Bota ...

The Vulkana

At one time a fishing schooner, the Vulkana is now a floating ...

Extreme Houseboats 3

Staying Fit on the Water

Living on the water doesn't keep these houseboat owners from ...

Hole in the Wall

Except for electricity and modern plumbing, Hole in the Wall ...

The Ocean

The posh Ocean houseboat shows no traces of its past life as ...

Extreme Houseboats 2

The S.S. Maggie

The S.S. Maggie has been transformed from working schooner to ...

Fisherman's Paradise

Former barge Fisherman's Paradise is a $25 million floating ...

The Namaste

Former military landing craft Namaste is now a cozy home with ...

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