Gem Hunt: About the Show

Gem Hunt follows a team of modern treasure hunters on their high-stakes quest for the world's most precious stones. Their global journey takes them to some of the planet's busiest and riskiest trading regions. Fascinating, exciting, unpredictable and embedded in some of the most remote locations, Gem Hunt follows gem dealer Ron LeBlanc, jewelry expert Diane Robinson and geologist Bernie Gaboury as they maneuver through mines, markets and tense negotiations in search of the world’s biggest, brightest and most profitable jewels.

International gem dealing is no place for the uninitiated. It’s the real-life world of Indiana Jones: back-street deals, gun-toting gangs, murder and corruption. But ex-smuggler Ron LeBlanc knows the lay of the land, and after 30 years in the business, he plays the game with finesse.

The deal isn’t the whole story, though. Just getting to these mines is an adventure requiring incredible stamina. Rough roads, bumpy helicopter rides and long dusty hikes are all part of the journey. And once the gem hunters reach their destination, the negotiating begins. Ron and his team know that if you show your hand too early, you can lose big time. Come along for the ride as the 3 gem hunters search for stones amounting to a small fortune in the upcoming season of Gem Hunt, Tuesdays at 10|9c.

Learn more about the Gem Hunters, and see behind-the-scenes photos.

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