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To celebrate the 100th episode of Ghost Adventures this fall, we need help from YOU -- our loyal GA fans! Tell us: over the past 5 years, which Ghost Adventures moments top all the rest? In each of the 5 categories -- scariest, funniest, best experiments, scariest possessions and most creative trigger objects -- tell us which of the 5 clips is the most memorable. Your choices will be featured in a Ghost Adventures countdown airing this September.

Voting is now closed, but tune-in on September 27 at 9|8c to find out which moments you picked!

Scariest Moments
Paranormal Shock and Awe
Voting is Now Closed
From unexplained flying rocks to painful scratches appearing on Zak's back, there is no shortage of scary moments when it comes to investigating the paranormal. Which of these 5 moments in Ghost Adventures history is the scariest?
Funniest Moments
The Lighter Side of the Lockdown
Voting is Now Closed
You never know what will happen when the guys get together, and these moments prove that there's a lighter side to the lockdown. Which of these 5 moments in Ghost Adventures history is the funniest?
Terrifying Possessions
The Danger of a Lockdown
Voting is Now Closed
The lockdown is not only a scary experience, but a dangerous one, too. The guys risk their well-being with every investigation, and sometimes the spirits get the best of them. Which of these 5 possessions in Ghost Adventures history is the most terrifying?
Most Memorable Trigger Objects
Summoning the Spirits
Voting is Now Closed
Occasionally, the spirits need a little convincing to make their presence known. Knowing this, the guys have done everything from throwing a party to shooting a gun in order to summon the spirits. Which of these 5 trigger objects in Ghost Adventures history is your favorite?
Best Experiments
Getting Creative With Investigations
Voting is Now Closed
The guys get creative with many of their investigations, trying out new gadgets and techniques to better connect with the paranormal world. From setting up 3D cameras to bringing a dog along, the GAC will try anything once. Which of these 5 experiments from Ghost Adventures history is the most creative?

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