Brookdale Lodge

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the once-famous Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, CA, in search of the notorious spirits lingering around the establishment. The lodge was a vacation hideaway for the Hollywood and political elite in 1940s and 50s. As they prepare for the lockdown, Zak introduces his dog, Gracie, who will hopefully act as a trigger object to attract the sprits.

Original Airdate | Friday, November 09, 2012

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Brookdale Lodge Pictures

The guys head to the once-famous Brookdale Lodge in ...

Aaron's Vlog: Brookdale Lodge

Aaron gives us a look at the creek that runs through the ...


Gracie Makes Her Debut

Zak's dog, Gracie, helps the GAC with their investigation.


Sara Logan is Still Here

Why do spirits continue to haunt the places where they died?


Recap: Brookdale Lodge

The guys investigate the Brookdale Lodge in Northern California.


Scariest Encounters

See the most haunting moments all in one place.

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