Fort Chaffee

Fort Chaffee trained soldiers for combat, held German POWs in the '40s, and housed hostile Cuban refugees in the '80s. Hundreds died there and today reports of paranormal activity persist. The Ghost Adventures crew reports for duty to uncover the truth.

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Fort Chaffee

Zak, Nick and Aaron report for duty to uncover the truth ...

Recap: Fort Chaffee

Fort Chaffee housed German POWs and Cuban refugees; someone's ...


The Insufferable Heat

The guys experience over 100-degree heat and debate canceling ...


Guard Incites Riotous Spirits

A guard returns to Fort Chaffee to incite dark spirits from a ...


Aaron's Vlog: Fort Chaffee

Xs mark spots where Aaron and Nick place cameras for the Fort ...


Scariest Encounters

See the most haunting moments all in one place.

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