Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island, off the coast of Venice, Italy, is one of the world's darkest epicenters. According to legend, the island was formed from the ashes of burned plague victims, criminals and mental patients who were exiled there.

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Poveglia Island

The Ghost Adventures team investigates a haunted island in ...

Zak gets possessed at Poveglia

Zak experiences an overwhelming feeling of extreme anger and ...


Recap: Poveglia Island

Watch a recap of the crew's investigation of Venice's ...


Aaron's Vlog: Venice Island

After 2 years of legwork, the GA crew finally get to ...


Behind the Scenes at Poveglia Island

Watch Aaron's behind-the-scenes video from the Poveglia lockdown.


Scariest Encounters

See the most haunting moments all in one place.

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