Renovating The Hotel Leger: Blanche Reinvents the California Based Resort

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Anthony arrives at the construction site to have a quick chat with interior designer Blanche Garcia.
Paint by Numbers Wall Mural
This is a method that local artist Lori Kelly came up with so that the mural had continuity, even though it was worked on by a small army. On a clear plastic 8 x 10 sheet of paper, copy an image by outlining the picture. Don’t make it too complicated, especially for your first time. If it’s a scenic scene like in the show, you would follow the outline of the hills, trees, river and sky. Then accent with swirls inside of the mountains and rivers to show contrast shadows. Next, number the different objects on the clear sheet. Like 1 for all the light grass, and 2 for all of the dark shaded grass. Next place the clear sheet on a projector that will project the image on the wall of your choice. You can adjust the size of the image with the projector to cover as much of the wall as you want. This it better done at night or in a darker room so you can see the image clearly. Next outline each section in it’s chosen color and start filling them in. Remember that you can always layer in details like leaves and rocks. Have fun and be creative. After all, it’s just paint by numbers!  

Not so Custom Window Treatments
Buy ready made window panels, four per window as well as a decorative rod and four window tassels. Mount a decorative rod above the window, then add the four panels on the rod. They should be hanging down at this point. Make sure the panels are long enough to hang at least a few inches past the window. Next, take the second panel in from the left and pleat it in your hands like an accordion and then swag it over the very far right panel. After that, take the second panel in from the right and pleat that one, then swag it over the far left panel. In essence turning the two center panels into a swaged valance. Adjust the panels and pleats to get a nice full look. After, you are going to take two tassels and wrap one on each of the ends of the rod. Hide the rope under the fabric of the swag so you only see the tassel portion. Finally, you're going to come down from the ladder and use your final tassels to sway-bag each of the hanging panels and secure them with a wall hook that just screws in. When your finished, you will have achieved the look of a custom drapery for pennies on the dollar.

About the Author

Blanche Garcia’s passion for construction and design was sparked while volunteering to build churches with her mother across the country at the age of 12. Blanche turned that spark into a degree and license in interior design, and became a LEED specialist through the US Green Building Council. With more than 17 years’ experience in high-end residential and commercial design, Blanche currently runs B. Garcia Designs in Montclair, NJ, as well as appears on Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible.

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