Renovating the Maui Sunseeker Resort : Blanche Garcia Reinvents the Hawaiian Based Resort

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Anthony shares his expectations for the renovation with Blanche.
Custom Wall Graphics
We researched the wall graphic that was seen on the guest room walls. Since Maui is historically known for its tattoo art as well as the rainbow as its symbol, we created a custom stencil that could be used in all of the rooms. First download your image from the web, and then blow it up to the size that you want. Next you'll need stencil paper, a stencil knife, and a black marker. Use the marker to trace out the design. Make sure you taped down the stencil paper or it will move on you. Then your going to carefully cut out your design. The trick is not to select an overly complicated design; it will make it hard to cut out. Next take your stencil and use painters tape to tape it in the place you want your design to appear. You can next use stencil paint or regular paint along with a stencil brush to color in your design. Use dabbing motions instead of strokes to apply your paint; you will have better control of the paint. When you’re done then carefully remove the stencil and you will have your very own custom wall art.

Faux Windows
I used chair rail molding to not only add architectural interest in the bedroom but also to frame the custom photography. It's a different way to bring attention to art, and because they were landscapes they acted as faux windows. First you pencil in a straight line around the room at about eye height. Then you locate where your art will place along the line and mark it. You will want to leave about a half an inch to an inch around the finished artwork. This will create a frame in frame appearance as well as leaving you some wiggle room I case your measurements were a tad off. Next cut your pieces, a 45-degree angle should suffice but check the angles of your walls just to be safe. I like to use primed molding because it saves time. Next you'll paint the molding the color of your choice, my go to is Benjamin Moors Dove White. Lastly hang your art and enjoy the view.

Sun Sailing
The sun sails seen on the deck were purchased in-expensively from and comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. I used a triangle pattern to create a layered pattern in the sky. The burnt orange was selected to give a colorful dimension to an outdoor room that would otherwise have seemed vast. I wanted the space to feel cozy and like you were in an actual room. Follow the instructions closely when attaching your sails, there are different attachments for different applications. The best look is achieved when you change the direction of the shape with each one as well as leaving about 10-12 inches of height with each instillation. We used stronger attachments to screw into the wood since the winds were a concern on the island; you need to gage your application. Once you have finished your instillation you will not have only added shade and UV protection but you've done it in style!

About the Author

Blanche Garcia’s passion for construction and design was sparked while volunteering to build churches with her mother across the country at the age of 12. Blanche turned that spark into a degree and license in interior design, and became a LEED specialist through the US Green Building Council. With more than 17 years’ experience in high-end residential and commercial design, Blanche currently runs B. Garcia Designs in Montclair, NJ, as well as appears on Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible.

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