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Jingle Brawls 2013
It’s a battle between two bizarre Christmas trees. One is the singing tree of Muskegon, Michigan. The competitor is the Lobster trap tree from Rockland, Maine.
It's a Las Vegas showdown between two top christmas themed hotels. In one corner we have the elegant Venetian Resort on The Strip. In the other is a down home spot called Sams Town loved by locals.
This brawl pits two neighborhoods against each other. One competitor is in Santa Clarita, California where a cluster of forty some houses host a Christmas block party. The challenger is in Wendell, North Carolina where the neighbors band together creating one giant holiday light show to music on a vacant lot.
There are two towns brawling for the title of best off-beat Christmas boat parade. One has boat floats pulled on trailers in Villa Park, California. The other is a motorless free for all on the canals of Venice Beach, California
This face off is a bake off for your favorite fruitcake. One confection is handmade by monks in a monastery. Each cake is blessed and baked with rum in Ava Missouri. The contender is the collins street bakery in Corsicana, Texas. This cake is factory made fresh every day and packed with pecans.
It's a showdown between two schools that train mall Santas. One is the traditional academic setting of the Noerr University in Arvada, Colorado. The challenger is the International School of Santa casually conducted on a cruise ship.
It's a battle between two vacation destinations that explode at Christmas time. Niagra Falls Winter Festival shoots fireworks over the falls. Manhattan Beach, California is an all day beach party with fireworks over the pier at night.
It's the ultimate Christmas chunking duel. One is a rocket powered Christmas tree built by two braniac brothers in Spokane, Washington. The other is a local tradition requiring home made catapults and air cannons to compete in the Annual Manitou Springs, Colorado Fruitcake Toss.