Must Make More Monsters!

The Distortions team creates 3-headed "Dino Pods" for the traveling "Discover the Dinosaurs" attraction. Mike repurposes the Zombie Gusher, and Morris Costumes needs 4,000 monsters ASAP!

Original Airdate | Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making Monsters: Must Make More Monsters! Pictures

The Distortions team creates 3-headed "Dino Pods" for the ...


A clay shortage threatens to turn Jordu's T-Rex into a T-Anorexic.


Duct-Taping a Dinosaur

How does Distortions Unlimited keep dinosaur heads together? ...


Dino Game Changers

The team faces some last-minute game changers involving the ...


Making an Apparition Move

Check out the process of making an ethereal apparition move ...


McKamey Manor

Ed and Marsha get a sneak preview of McKamey Manor Halloween ...


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