Anthrax, Marilyn Monroe, Hunley Submarine

Don examines a simple cardboard box that's contents were once tied to a deadly outbreak that paralyzed the country with fear. He inspects a small pill bottle that may shed light on an icon's mysterious death. And he investigates a Civil War submarine.

Mysteries at the Museum

Marilyn Monroe's pill box, the Titan Missile, a piece of ...

Combat Sub Sinks Union Ship

Discover the H.L. Hunley, the first combat submarine used in ...


Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?

A housekeeper and a president may both lend clues to Marilyn ...


Small Coupon, Huge Fraud

A coupon tells the story of one of the biggest financial ...


Part of Earhart's Plane Found?

Could a piece of scrap metal offer insight into Amelia ...


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