Lotto Scam, Somali Pirates, Haunted Plane

Don inspects a lottery ticket at the center of America's only known state lottery fixing scam. He surveys a giant orange lifeboat that survived a terrifying hijacking. And he investigates whether a damaged airplane part linked to bizarre ghost sightings.

Lotto Scam, Somali Pirates, Haunted Plane

Check out the disturbing humming fish, a piece of the ...

What Caused Exxon Valdez Spill

It was the largest oil spill of its time. What caused the ...


Hijacked by Somali Pirates

The Maersk Alabama cargo ship was no match for Somali ...


The Ghost of Flight 401

A pilot is seen on a flight -- months after his own plane's ...


Brilliant Lottery Scam

It was the largest lottery payout in US history. But was the ...


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