Paranormal Paparazzi

Paranormal Paparazzi is an entertainment news program hosted by pop-culture pundit Aaron Sagers. Aaron leads a team of team of 6 reporters who travel the country tracking down the most bizarre, up-to-date and unsolved paranormal and supernatural stories.

Nicolas Cage Vampire

Seismic Activity or UFOs?

Are the booms heard in Clintonville, WI, really seismic ...

The Phoenix Lights

The Paranormal Paparazzi discuss the world-famous Phoenix ...

She Talks to the Animals

This Jersey City psychic claims to be able to communicate ...

Zombie Boot Camp

Lease Breakers and Zombie Wars

The team debates paranormal lease breakers and zombie ...

The Devil's Puddle

Branden braves the cold water and demonic reputation of the ...

The Big Boom Theory

Team members share theories about mysterious booms heard ...

San Diego Chupacabra

Bigfoot Believers

Believers and skeptics in the Paranormal Paparazzi discuss ...

Creepy Critters: Real or Fake?

Demonoids and skunk apes: the crew discusses reports of ...

The O'Fallon UFO

The crew investigates a rock musician's video of a UFO over ...

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