Epic Sausage Wagon

Bret and his team completely gut a couple's 40-year-old GMC Canyonlands and transform it into a dual-purpose, cross-country RV/sausage wagon, complete with diamond-plated flooring, a gourmet kitchen and a giant indoor/outdoor serving area.

Epic Sausage Wagon Pictures

Bret and his team gut an old GMC Canyonlands and transform it ...

Wood-Finding Field Trip

Jake buys materials to panel Travel Channel's Epic RV.


Window of Opportunity

The new service window for Bill and Sally Layton's Sausage ...


New Custom Design

Jake designs the new "Bite Me" logo for Bill and Sally ...


In Need of a Facelift

Bret and his team restore Bill and Sally Layton's 1974 GMC ...


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