Steve and Amy investigate a mother's claims of dangerous paranormal activity at her home in Flint, MI. As Steve finds out that the property was a bloody battleground during the War of 1812, Amy encounters numerous frightening entities.

Battlefield Recap

Steve and Amy go to Flint, MI, to investigate strange ...


Things Get Physical

The client's son, Brian, talks the weird things he's seen at ...


No Animals Allowed

Kathy reveals that all 7 of her pets have died inside her ...


Filled With Tragedy

After his research, Steve discovers the evil past of Kathy's ...


A Hand on My Throat

Kathy talks about the strange activity she has experienced in ...


Amy's senses ...

Amy feels negative energy during a walk-through at a bar in ...

Possessed by ...

Amy revisits her fear of shadow people, and Steve finds out ...

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