The Cursed Path

Steve and Amy investigate a Roseburg, OR, woman's claims of violent paranormal activity. While Steve uncovers the turbulent past of the property, Amy confronts numerous powerful entities and discovers unseen pathways that could possibly lead to other dimensions.

Original Airdate | Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Dead Files: Cursed Path Pictures

While investigating claims of paranormal activity at a family ...

The Mattress was on Fire

A powerful entity causes emotional harm to a family in ...


It's a Struggle Every Day

The client believes the haunted activity in her home is ...


It's Not Fair to Anyone

A female entity causes trouble at a family home in Roseburg, OR.


Is it a Threat to Them?

Steve and Amy wonder if the entities on their client’s land ...


Amy's senses ...

Amy feels negative energy during a walk-through at a bar in ...

Possessed by ...

Amy revisits her fear of shadow people, and Steve finds out ...

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