Lost Survivors

Mykel and Ruth Hawke, the reigning king and queen of survival, are facing their biggest challenge yet -- the only problem is they have no way to prepare. The Hawkes put their skills and relationship to the ultimate test as they are dumped blindly into the wilderness, with minimal supplies and precious few clues as to where they actually are. They must rely on instinct, expertise and the strength of each other to figure out how to get out. The journey will stretch the bonds of marriage and thirst for adventure as they climb, crawl and claw their way through forbidding landscapes to find their way back to civilization.

Mykel Hawke
Mykel Hawke has a 25-year career as a captain in the US Army, serving on active duty in the US Army Special Forces for 12 years, and in the National Guard and Army Reserve for another 12 years. A 4-time Green Beret, Hawke served as a communications technician, medical specialist, intelligence operative and last, but certainly not least, officer and combat commander. He’s held top-secret clearance, was a jumpmaster and earned the coveted Combat Infantryman Badge. From serving as a solider in Afghanistan to working as a special operations contract project manager in Iraq and fighting in the diamond wars of Sierra Leone, Hawke has traveled the globe to help save lives.

Hawke has earned a black belt in aikido and judo, is a trained civilian skydiver, scuba diver, paramedic and FCC-licensed radio operator, and has been teaching survival techniques to civilians, corporations, government and military special ops for nearly 20 years. He authored Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Portable Guide to Getting Out Alive (Running Press, 2011) and Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual (Running Press, 2009).

Previously, Hawke starred in Discovery Channel’s Man, Woman, Wild with his wife, Ruth England-Hawke. In Travel Channel’s new original series Lost Survivors, Hawke and his wife are dropped in an undisclosed location, where they are forced to use their survival expertise and skills to identify where they are and get back to civilization.

Ruth England-Hawke
Ruth England-Hawke has made a career traveling the globe, experiencing such adventures as tracking tigers in Nepal, swimming with sharks in Australia and eating tadpole soup in Borneo. After graduating with a degree in filmmaking and photography from the University of Westminster in London, England-Hawke trained as a reporter and became a news anchor for ITN, one of the UK's premier news agencies. She has since hosted television shows for such networks as FOX, National Geographic, HGTV, CNBC, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky. Her career in journalism has taken her to over 100 foreign locations, from the Arctic Circle to the volcanoes of Rwanda.

Previously, England-Hawke starred on Discovery Channel's Man, Woman, Wild with her husband, Mykel Hawke. In Travel Channel's new original series Lost Survivors, England-Hawke and her husband are dropped in an undisclosed location, where they are forced to use their survival expertise and skills to identify where they are and get back to civilization.

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