The Sights in Sydney

The Koala Park Sanctuary, Hyde Park, Vanucluse House and Cronulla Beach are just a few must-see tourist attractions in Sydney.
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Sydney Harbor Bridge

The British firm, Dorman Long and Co Ltd. of Middlebrough, built and designed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It’s the tallest steel arch bridge, and the 5th longest spanning-arch bridge in the world. The Bridge opened in 1932. Adventurous travelers can climb the bridge. Prices range from $200 to $300, depending on the day of the week and time of day.

Koala Park Sanctuary

Cuddle with a koala at the Koala Park Sanctuary, a safe environment for these friendly, furry creatures, since 1930. More than 70 years ago, founder Noel Burnet decided to create the sanctuary after a high numbers of koalas were killed for the large export fur trade. Visitors can learn about the koala and see them living in the rainforest, eucalyptus groves and gardens, with other Australian native animals and birds.

Hyde Park

This large park, named after London’s Hyde Park, was once the hot spot for rugby games, boxing matches, horse racing and cricket. Located on the eastern side of Sydney’s central business district, Hyde Park’s centerpiece is the Archibald Fountain, designed by Francois Leon Sicard. Take a stroll through the park’s northern end to see the Nagoya Gardens, which features a giant outdoor chess set.

Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is the city’s tallest free-standing structure and the second tallest in Australia. Make sure you go to the top of the 1,014-foot tower for a great view of the city. Afterwards, shop at some of the stores located at the base of the popular tourist attraction.

Sydney Olympic Stadium

ANZ Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium located in the Sydney Olympic Park, hosts national rugby games and also hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics. It holds 110,000 spectators, making it the largest Olympic Stadium ever built as well as the largest stadium in Australia. We suggest tourists check out Olympic Park, and take advantage of dozens of outdoor activities offered there, including extreme biking on the BMX and Mountain X Monster track.

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor, also called Port Jackson, is located on the East Coast of Australia. It’s also the location of the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You may not know it, but there are several islands inside the harbor, including Shark Island, Cockatoo Island and Berry Island.

Cronulla Beach

Catch some sun on Cronulla Beach, located on Bate Bay. This beach is the birthplace for the first surf club in Australia. The Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, established in 1907, is one of the largest and strongest clubs dedicated to providing beach safety and rescue.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art lovers should visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the 4th largest museum in Australia. It’s free to get into the general admission space, which displays Australian, European and Asian art.

Coogee Pool

Visit Coogee, a beachside suburb of Sydney. Take a refreshing dip into the Coogee Tidal Pool, just inches away from the beach.

Australian Reptile Park

Get up-close and personal with some of Australia’s indigenous animals, including wombats, death adders, kangaroos, cockatoos, dragons, dingo, crocodiles, flying fox bats and more! The Australian Reptile Park offers tours and children’s parties, too.

Sydney Observatory

Located on Observatory Hill, the Sydney Observatory is a fun museum where visitors can observe the stars and planets at night, through a modern telescope and a historic telescope, built in 1874.

Sydney Wildlife World

It’s more than just a zoo; it’s Australia’s most unique park. Wild Life Sydney has interactive displays, entertaining shows, daily-feeding sessions and close encounters with some of the most loved and feared animals that call Australia home. Wild Life Sydney is located on Darling Harbor, next to the Sydney Aquarium.

Vanucluse House

Visit the Vanucluse House if seeing historic sites suits your travel taste. It’s one of the most treasured estates, and it has picturesque gardens and grounds stretching down to Sydney Harbor. The sandstone mansion, built in the 1830s, was the home of barrister and explorer William Charles Wentworth and his family.

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