The Beauty of Belize

White sand beaches, untouched coral reefs, ancient Mayan civilizations and impressive marine life – Belize has it all. Enter Now for a Chance to Win a Trip to Belize! 

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Divers and snorkelers will find an abundance of marine life at Glover’s Atoll, a protected reef system and the southernmost and smallest of Belize’s 3 atolls. Divers frequently encounter dolphins, turtles, sharks and manta rays there.

Catch a glimpse of the largest fish in the world – the whale shark – from Placencia, Belize. The gentle (believe it or not) creatures are typically found within only 20 feet of the water’s surface, and congregate in Belize each year to feed on fish eggs.

Temple of Masonry Altars

Belize has the highest concentration of Mayan sites of all the countries in Central America. The Temple of Masonry Altars is the largest pyramid within Altun Ha, a major ruins site 30 miles north of Belize City. While the site has much historical significance, beer-drinkers may best recognize the structure from the label of Belize's most popular beer, Belikin. 

Laughing Bird Caye is one of the beautiful islands that make up the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site.

A stingray is one of the impressive creatures you may come across on a snorkeling trip in Belize. Be careful not to walk along the ocean floor -- you wouldn’t want to step on one!

Actun Tunichil Muknal -- one of Belize’s many Mayan archaeological sites -- houses the skeleton of a teenage girl, dubbed “The Crystal Maiden” because of the sparkling, crystalized appearance of her bones. To reach the cave, visitors must embark on a 45-minute hike, followed by a swim to the inside of the cave. Visitors can also get a look at the remains of the 13 other humans that now share the cave with the Crystal Maiden.

Boats are anchored in the harbor of Belize City, the largest city in the small Central American country.

Belize is home to one of the world’s most endangered marine species, the sea turtle. Green, hawksbill and loggerhead turtles can all be found between the coast and the barrier reef.

The aptly named “Blue Hole” is a large collapsed sinkhole near the center of Lighthouse Reef. Explorer Jacques Cousteau named the hole one of the top scuba diving sites in the world.

Visit Half Moon Caye to get a look at one of the island’s 4,000 red-footed boobies.

One of the Silk Cayes – tiny, serene, white-sand islands on the Belize Barrier Reef.

The exquisite red lionfish. Watch out for them -- it’s their large venomous spines that make them resemble lions.

The sun rises over Half Moon Caye in Belize.

Antillean manatees can be found in the rivers, lagoons and coastal areas of Belize. Because of their slow metabolisms, they prefer shallow, warm water, and can be spotted in water only a few yards deep.

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