Signs of the City: Montreal

Check out signs from the streets of Montreal, some are bilingual and some are just plain bizarre.

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Photo By: jbcurio/flickr

Montreal is the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris.

While French is the official language, over half of the population reports being able to speak both French and English, as seen on this exit sign.

This striking sign is on the wall of an excellent pub: The Black Isle, in the Latin Quarter.

You get "3 minutes max" to idle in the well-to-do town of Westmount in Montreal.

Casa del popolo, a hip cafe, also sells offbeat art.

Montreal's seasons are prone to drastic temperature changes. This sign warns of falling ice during the winter months.

This environmentally-friendly sign leaves little to interpretation: "Pick up your papers and droppings."

In case you were wondering, Montreal is to the left. Feel free to bike or rollerblade there.

A sign beside the foot bridge going over a frozen canal indicates "no cars, no motorcycles."

You can squint and tilt your head to the left, but you probably still wouldn't guess that this sign represents, a double fire hydrant.

Each metro station in Montreal is unique and filled with public artwork by some of the biggest names in Quebec.

This is a restaurant sign inside the Montreal Forum, called "the most storied building in hockey history" and arguably the most famous sporting venue.

People visiting Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal Basilica are greeted with this manicured lawn sign.

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