Signs of the City: Dublin

Check out a few of the iconic – and just downright bizarre – signs that you may come across on a trip to Dublin.
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A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without a properly poured pint at the Guinness Storehouse, Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction.

This Dublin sign asks the question that you were probably already asking yourself.

Why have “dressed” food when you could have “nude” food?

This Dublin sign promotes another world-famous Irish beverage, Bailey’s Irish Cream.

This sign, advertising a hair and skin clinic, was about to be removed and trashed when it was rescued and restored by the original sign maker. The “Why Go Bald” sign is so popular that it even has a Facebook fan page, and U2’s Bono claims that it’s his favorite Dublin landmark.

This sign reminds Dubliners to recycle, because, well, it’s just good karma.

Paddy Power

This Paddy Power (an Irish bookmaking chain) location changed its name to O'Bama Power in honor of the US President and First Lady’s visit to Dublin.

What time is it? Apparently, it’s saletime! Do you really need any more information than that?

Apparently, this Irish pub doesn’t just serve food, it serves “good food.”

When in Dublin, make sure you wear your parachute while driving, in preparation for when you may need to eject from your moving vehicle while it’s falling off a cliff into water.

What more could you need?

This helpful sign points you in the right direction of the “Louvre of leprechauns.”

This pub was named after a Dublin street character of the 1950s, a haggard-looking dog catcher who was said to have a face that resembled a hairy lemon.

This seems like a pretty great deal to us!

We’re not sure what kind of adults you can get on final clearance, nor are we curious to find out.

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