Island Secrets: Phlegraean Islands Pictures

Explore the mysterious past and old-world charm of Italy’s colorful Phlegraean Islands.

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The coastline of the island of Ischia, with a view of Castello Aragonese

Albergo San Montano

The Albergo San Montano luxury hotel is perched on a cliff top above the charming town of Lacco Ameno.

Albergo San Montano

The 5-star luxury Albergo San Montano hotel is decorated with salvaged naval antiques and offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Naples.

Albergo San Montano

Go for a swim and take in the spectacular views at the 5-star luxury Albergo San Montano hotel.

Poseidon Thermal Park

Tourists come to relax at the Poseidon Thermal Park, a hot spring on the island of Ischia in the Phlegraean Islands. An extensive complex of volcanic pools, mud baths and natural sea caves allows visitors to relax and soak up the area's mineral waters.

Lacco Ameno Beach

Relax on the Lacco Ameno beach before taking a rejuvenating dip in one of the thermal springs at Parco Negombo resort.

Ischia's coast is lined with bright, colorful buildings.

Ischia’s colorful harbor

Ischia’s colorful harbor is set against the backdrop of steep volcanic hills.

Boats and yachts fill this harbor off the Italian island of Ischia.

Views of the harbor and the coastline of the tiny island of Procida in the Phlegraean Islands. Until the 1980s, Procida was home to a maximum-security prison. After it closed, tourism - along with the island's economy - began to pick up.

The Italian island of Procida is famous for its colorful buildings and tiny, narrow streets.

Castello Aragonese

The ancient Castello Aragonese was built in 476 B.C. on a giant rock promontory just offshore from the island of Ischia, and is accessible via an old stone bridge and a hidden tunnel.

A stone bridge leads to Castello Aragonese. The fortress was initially fought over by the Romans and Parthenopeans of the ancient world, before becoming a vast medieval complex with the addition of a cathedral and convent.


Current owner Anna Cristina Mattera inherited the castle through her grandfather, who purchased it in 1912. Visitors can tour some of the apartments where the family lives, explore the fortress’s military museum, and even spend the night in the hotel that’s part of the castle. And don’t miss the Aragonese’s ancient frescoes – discovered in the 12th century – which recently underwent an extensive 5-year renovation.

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