Rome's Top 10 Attractions

Rome is one of the significant cities in the history of the world, and any trip there should include stops at these spots.
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Castel Sant'Angelo was originally designed by Emperor Hadrian to be used as a mausoleum for his own family. The bridge was built in AD 134 by Hadrian with the statues added by Bernini in the 17th century.

Saint Peters Basilica in Saint Peters Square, Vatican City. Even though it's located in Rome, Vatican City has been an independent state since 1929.

In ancient Rome, the Forum was the center of city life, playing host to festivals, funerals and rituals.

Take a seat on the Spanish Steps, and watch the city go by.

The Capuchin Crypt celebrates the life of the religious order of the Capuchin friars. An ossuary in the crypt contains the skeletal remains of 3,700 monks.

The first bloody fight took place at the Colosseum in A.D. 82, starting a tradition of battles between men and beasts.

Inside the Galleria Borghese, you'll find Bernini sculptures including Apollo and Daphne.

The interior of Rome's Pantheon features a famous light ray coming from the top. The Pantheon's architecture has inspired copycats around the globe.

The largest and most memorable of the 3 fountains in Piazza Navona is Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Throw 3 coins into Trevi Fountain, and you'll be assured a return trip to Rome (or so the legend goes).

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