Fast Foods Gone Global: Africa Pictures

Fast-food chains tailor their menus to the local flavors of Africa and the Middle East, serving dishes you won’t find in the US.
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Luscious Arabian dates make the perfect topping for this stunner at Dunkin' Donuts in Dubai.

This popular new pie at Pizza Hut in Dubai is topped with 12 mini cheeseburgers.

City Hall in Cape Town, South Africa, is where Nelson Mandela gave his first speech after he was granted freedom.

Texies in Cape Town, South Africa, serves up fresh fish-and-chips dinners.

Built for the World Cup Soccer tournament, this giant sculpture giving a peace sign in Cape Town’s harbor is made up of thousands of Coca-Cola cases.

A caravan of camels parked at a popular highway rest stop just outside Marrakech, Morocco.

A local commutes on the streets of Marrakech, Morocco.

Vendors prepare for a day of selling inside the Bab Doukala, one of the gates into the ancient medina, or walled city, of Marrakech, Morocco.

Reem Shawarma is Amman, Jordan's most popular street-eat stall, selling nearly 1,000 pounds of beef each day!

When they're homesick, this American couple working in Accra, Ghana, stop by KFC for a little taste of home.

This Pizza Hut in Mauritius incorporates local flavors along with the chain's signature cheese-filled crusts.

This highway rest stop is a popular eating spot for tourists and locals traveling outside of Marrakech, Morocco.

Hawai, with hints of lime, coconut and orange juice flavors, is a popular Coca-Cola beverage in Marrakech, Morocco.

The classic deep-fried cinnamon roll is popular among Emiratis in the Arabian Peninsula.

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