15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Slovenia

Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia became an independent European country in 1991. Its borders extend from the Mediterranean to the Alps, providing visitors with miles of natural beauty to explore.  As an emerging travel destination barely untouched by tourists, Slovenia’s charming medieval cities make this country an attractive cultural destination not to be missed.
By: Troy Petenbrink

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Photo By: Barbara Kozar/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Crt Slavec/Kempinski Hotels

Photo By: Matevz Lenarcic/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Bobo/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Troy Petenbrink

Photo By: Klemen Kunaver/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Lenarcic/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Troy Petenbrink

Photo By: Troy Petenbrink

Photo By: Spela Bokal/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: B. Bajzelj/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: Arhiv Navdih/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: J. Skok/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: A. Fevzer/www.slovenia.info

Photo By: D. Mladenovic/www.slovenia.info