Signs of the City: Amsterdam

Check out some of the best signs in Amsterdam including the Red Light District, the Schiphol Airport, the Dam Square and more.

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The Red Light District, also known as 'De Wallen', is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Although it is known mainly for its adult entertainment, it houses many medical and law practices, restaurants, coffee shops, museums and more.

Although helmets are rarely worn, Amsterdam is known by many as the most bike-friendly city in the world. They even have specialized traffic lights with bicycle symbols.

In Amsterdam there are plenty of places to smoke. However, drinking is allocated to designated areas. Sorry.

This "Te Koop" sign indicates that a property is for sale in a suburb of Amsterdam.

A sign for odd-size luggage in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Schipol is the Netherlands main international airport.

Lighted sex-shop signs can be found all over the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Sex Cinema sign in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam boasts a large number of youth hostels, which make lodging more affordable to younger visitors.

A sign at the entrance of a playground.

A sign on the building where Anne Frank lived while she was in hiding during WWII. The house, now a museum, is where her world-famous diary was written.

The entrance to the museum of high profile celebrity wax figures, known as Madame Tussaud's, located on Dam Square.

The 'Bulldog Coffeeshop,' in the heart of the Red Light District, is a place where the sale and consumption of marijuana and hashish is tolerated. It claims to be the first coffee shop in Amsterdam.

A "please clean up after your pets" sign located in parks and recreation zones.

A caution sign in Amsterdam depicts a man walking with one leg missing.

This street sign in the red light district of Amsterdam indicates the direction of the nearest restroom.

Known for its adult entertainment, XXX marks the spot on a nearby bench in the Red Light District.

Coffeeshop Smokey on Rembrandt Square is one of hundreds of coffee shops in Amsterdam. In most coffee shops, the sale and consumption of cannabis is accepted.

The Iamsterdam sign, the city motto, with the Rijksmuseum, the Museum of Art and History, in the background.

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