'Harry Potter' Locations

Check out pictures of the places used in the filming of the Harry Potter movie series.
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Place: Alnwick Castle
Location: Northumberland, UK
In Potter: This castle was used for exterior shots of Hogwarts and was where Harry and his classmates took their flying lessons with Madame Hooch.

Place: Lacock Abbey Cloisters
Location: Wiltshire, England
In Potter: Many of the buildings that make up the Abbey were used for interior shots of Hogwarts. For example, the Sacristy became Professor Snape's Potions class while The Warming Room was Professor Quirrell's Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Place: Duke Humfrey's Library
Location: Oxford, UK
In Potter: This library which is part of the University of Oxford's Bodleian Library was used as Hogwarts' library.

Place: Reptile House at the London Zoo
Location: London, UK
In Potter: Harry and the Dursleys visit the zoo in the first movie. This reptile house is where Harry learns that he can talk to snakes.

Place: Divinity School
Location: Oxford,UK
In Potter: This part of University of Oxford was used as the music room at Hogwarts. It's where the students practiced their ballroom dancing.

Place: King's Cross Station
Location: London, UK
In Potter: This platform right between 9 and 10 is where Harry and his friends went to catch the Hogwarts Express to school.

Place: Goathland Station
Location: North Yorkshire, UK
In Potter: This station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway has Hogsmeade Station where Harry, Hermione and Ron get off the Hogwarts Express.

Place: Glenfinnan Viaduct
Location: Scotland
In Potter: Was used first in "Chamber of Secrets" as the railway and bridge taken by the Hogwarts Express.

Place: Gloucester Cathedral
Location: Gloucester, UK
In Potter: The Gothic cloisters were used for many of the interior scenes for Hogwarts.

Place: Australia House
Location: London, UK
In Potter: The Exhibition Hall of this house, with its chandeliers and marble columns, was used as the interior of the Gringott's Bank.

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