Feed the Beast: Chicago Pictures

From the famous Billy Goat Tavern to the bacon-obsessed Paddy Long's, Mikey’s got his night packed with cheesy, greasy, delicious goodness.
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Mikey shows off the best barbecue in town: ribs, fries, coleslaw and cornbread at Doc’s Rib Joint located at the Kingston Mines blues club.

Mikey jumps on stage at Kingston Mines, the club that brought the blues to Chicago's North Side.

At Kingston Mines, you’ll not only find great music, but also some of the best macaroni and cheese around.

Paddy Long's prides itself on its bacon-infused menu. From a beer & bacon pairings menu, to beer-battered bacon, to a BLT overflowing with half a pound of “B,” there’s something to satisfy any late-night craving.

Mikey makes some friends at Paddy Long's, an unassuming neighborhood pub.

Paddy Long's offers a late-night menu full of the biggest and best bacon dishes you’ll find anywhere -- especially at 1a.m.

The Billy Goat Tavern first opened in 1934, but has since expanded to several locations.

Cheesy and delicious, a burger from the Billy Goat gives Mikey the fuel he needs for the long night ahead.

A supposed curse on the Chicago Cubs and a classic Saturday Night Live sketch made the Billy Goat Tavern famous.

Mikey works the line at Billy Goat Tavern.

Mikey rubs elbows with a mixture of night owls, blue-collar workers and post-bar revelers at the Diner Grill.

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