Street Eats: USA Pictures

Across the US, food carts and trucks are serving everything from international comfort foods to haute cuisine -- all on the street.
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Grilled fish tacos from My Ceviche in New York City.

Lupita Kuri of Sweet Ride in Chicago poses with her signature cupcakes.

The Fojol Brothers food trucks in Washington, DC, mix Thai, Indian and Ethiopian cuisine with a little bit of fantasy.

Fried fish at Miami’s El Palacio de Los Jugos.

Eastern Market is Washington, DC’s oldest continually-operating public food market.

A cheesy mac and rib sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese, BBQ pork and caramelized onions from the Grilled Cheese Truck in LA.

At El Faro Plaza in LA, Steysi Baeza makes a Mexican fruit salad called bionicos.

Tourists and customers wait in line to try the famous Pink's hotdogs in LA.

Pink's is famous for naming their hot dogs after celebrities.

A glimpse of the weekly food truck meet-up at "Underground Atlanta."

A Puerto Rican marinated shredded chicken taco with potatoes, mixed peppers and chipotle limone mild salsa from Taquero Fusion in Chicago.

Manny Hernandez of Chicago’s Tamale Spaceship isn’t ready to serve customers until he dresses in full costume.

Two intriguing tamales from Tamale Spaceship: a chicken barbacoa with green Peruvian mole and a flank steak tamale with Oaxacan black mole.

These shrimp tacos -- smothered in salsa and avocadoes -- are what make LA’s Mariscos Jaliscos so well-loved.

Janet Merino shows off Tacos Estilo DF's blue-corn quesadilla, a tlacoyo filled with refried beans and a large side of salt-cured beef.

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