Stunning College Campuses in All 50 States (Plus D.C.)

See which universities from across the country caught our eye.

By: Ryan Reed

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Auburn University

Location: Auburn University
Established: 1856
Notable Alumni: Octavia Spencer, Tim Cook, Bo Jackson
Pictured: The clock tower at William J. Samford Hall is one of the most recognizable structures on campus.


University of Alaska Fairbanks

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
Established: 1917
Pictured: University of Alaska Museum of the North highlights native cultures, wildlife and more.


Arizona State University

Location: Tempe, Arizona
Established: 1885
Notable Alumni: Al Michaels, David Spade, Phil Mickelson
Pictured: West Hall was built in 1936 and was originally a women's dormitory.


University of Arkansas

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Established: 1871
Notable Alumni: Pat Summerall, Jerry Jones
Pictured: Built in 1875, Old Main is the oldest building on campus.


Pepperdine University

Location: Malibu, California
Established: 1937
Notable Alumni: Kim Fields, Brandy Norwood, Tia and Tamera Mowry
Pictured: The campus is located on a hillside that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.


University of Colorado Boulder

Location: Boulder, Colorado
Established: 1876
Notable Alumni: Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Chris Fowler, Rick Reilly
Pictured: Over 30,000 students attend this sprawling campus.


Yale University

Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Established: 1701
Notable Alumni: Anderson Cooper, Meryl Streep, George W. Bush
Pictured: Sterling Memorial Library opened in 1931.


University of Delaware

Location: Newark, Delaware
Established: 1743
Notable Alumni: Joe Biden, Joe Flacco, Chris Christie
Pictured: Memorial Hall is a historic building on campus.


Flagler College

Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Established: 1968
Pictured: The Ponce de Leon Hotel, built in 1888, is now part of Flagler College.


Berry College

Location: Mount Berry, Georgia
Established: 1902
Pictured: Western-style castle and Ford Dining Hall.


Brigham Young University—Hawaii

Location: Laie, Hawaii
Established: 1955
Pictured: Main entrance to the university.


Boise State University

Location: Boise, Idaho
Established: 1932
Pictured: Bronco statue on campus during winter.


Northwestern University

Location: Evanston, Illinois
Established: 1851
Notable Alumni: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephen Colbert, Michael Wilbon
Pictured: The entrance to Charles Deering Library.


Indiana University

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Established: 1820
Notable Alumni: Mark Cuban, Isiah Thomas, Tavis Smiley
Pictured: The Student Building on campus.


Iowa State University

Location: Ames, Iowa
Established: 1858
Notable Alumni: George Washington Carver, Carrie Chapman Catt, John Vincent Atanasoff
Pictured: The Campanile clock tower on campus.


University of Kansas

Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Established: 1865
Notable Alumni: Paul Rudd, Wilt Chamberlain, Gale Sayers
Pictured: Dyche Hall Museum of Natural History.


University of Louisville

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Established: 1798
Notable Alumni: Sue Grafton, Tom Jackson, Johnny Unitas
Pictured: The Thinker statue in front of Grawemeyer Hall.


Tulane University

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Established: 1834
Notable Alumni: Newt Gingrich, Jerry Springer
Pictured: Over 13,000 students attend Tulane University.


Colby College

Location: Waterville, Maine
Established: 1813
Notable Alumni: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Billy Bush
Pictured: Colby College Museum of Art.


Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Established: 1876
Notable Alumni: Woodrow Wilson, Wolf Blitzer, Michael Bloomberg
Pictured: Gilman Hall is located at the Homewood campus and was named for the university's first president, Daniel Coit Gilman.


Harvard University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Established: 1636
Notable Alumni: Natalie Portman, Barack Obama, Conan O'Brien
Pictured: The campus reflecting on the Charles River.


University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Established: 1817
Notable Alumni: Tom Brady, Gerald Ford, Sanjay Gupta
Pictured: University of Michigan Law School designed in the English Gothic style.


University of Minnesota

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Established: 1851
Notable Alumni: Yanni, Tony Dungy, Brock Lesnar
Pictured: The Weisman Art Museum located on campus.


University of Mississippi

Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Established: 1848
Notable Alumni: William Faulkner, Eli Manning, Shepard Smith
Pictured: The lawn in front of Lyceum, the most famous building at the university.


University of Missouri

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Established: 1839
Notable Alumni: Sam Walton, Jim Lehrer, Sheryl Crow
Pictured: An aerial view of the campus, which was the first public institution of higher education west of the Mississippi River.


University of Montana

Location: Missoula, Montana
Established: 1893
Notable Alumni: J.K. Simmons, Carroll O'Connor
Pictured: A grizzly bear sculpture is the centerpiece on campus.


University of Nebraska

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Established: 1869
Notable Alumni: Johnny Carson, Warren Buffet
Pictured: A side entrance to the campus.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Established: 1957
Notable Alumni: Guy Fieri, Kenny Mayne, Jimmy Kimmel
Pictured: The central campus at UNLV.

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire

Location: Durham, New Hampshire
Established: 1866
Notable Alumni: Mike O'Malley, Carlton Fisk, Chip Kelly
Pictured: Thompson Hall was built in 1892.

New Jersey

Princeton University

Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Established: 1746
Notable Alumni: Jeff Bezos, Alan Turing, Dean Cain
Pictured: Blair Hall built in 1897.

New Mexico

New Mexico State University

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Established: 1888
Pictured: The campus was renamed in 1960 to New Mexico State University.

New York

Cornell University

Location: Ithaca, New York
Established: 1865
Notable Alumni: Bill Nye, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bill Maher
Pictured: The view of campus from McGraw Tower.

North Carolina

Duke University

Location: Durham, North Carolina
Established: 1838
Notable Alumni: Ken Jeong, Richard Nixon, Charlie Rose
Pictured: Duke Chapel, which is located in the center of campus.

North Dakota

North Dakota State University

Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Established: 1890
Pictured: Entrance to campus along North University Drive.


Oberlin College

Location: Oberlin, Ohio
Established: 1833
Notable Alumni: Lena Dunham, Ed Helms, Liz Phair
Pictured: The Memorial Arch in front of Peters Hall.


Oral Roberts University

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Established: 1965
Notable Alumni: Kathie Lee Gifford, Joel Osteen
Pictured: The Praying Hands sculpture at the main entrance.


Reed College

Location: Portland, Oregon
Established: 1908
Notable Alumni: Steve Jobs, James Beard, Larry Sanger
Pictured: Built in 1912, Eliot Hall features Tudor Gothic architecture.


Lehigh University

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Established: 1865
Notable Alumni: Lee Iacocca, Michael Smerconish
Pictured: Linderman Library in autumn.

Rhode Island

Salve Regina University

Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Established: 1934
Pictured: Historic Ochre Court Mansion was built in 1892 and later became part of the university.

South Carolina

Furman University

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Established: 1826
Notable Alumni: Clint Dempsey, Mark Sanford, Amy Grant
Pictured: A view of the Bell Tower from across Furman Lake.

South Dakota

Augustana University

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Established: 1860
Pictured: Sculpture of Augustana University mascot Ole the Viking on campus.


Sewanee: University of the South

Location: Sewanee, Tennessee
Established: 1857
Notable Alumni: Jon Meacham
Pictured: All Saints Chapel.


Rice University

Location: Houston, Texas
Established: 1912
Notable Alumni: Howard Hughes, Lance Berkman, Candace Bushnell
Pictured: Students walk the grounds of campus with Lovett Hall in the background.


Utah State University

Location: Logan, Utah
Established: 1888
Notable Alumni: Harry Reid, Chris Cooley
Pictured: The quad at Utah State University.


Middlebury College

Location: Middlebury, Vermont
Established: 1800
Notable Alumni: Ari Fleischer, James Cromwell, Roscoe Lee Browne
Pictured: Mead Memorial Chapel stands high above the autumn trees.


University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Established: 1819
Notable Alumni: Alexis Ohanian, Tina Fey, Katie Couric
Pictured: A blossoming tree just outside the Thomas Jefferson Rotunda.


University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington
Established: 1861
Notable Alumni: Ana Faris, Hope Solo, Rainn Wilson
Pictured: Buildings surround Drumheller Fountain in the center of campus.

Washington, D.C.

Howard University

Location: Washington, D.C.
Established: 1867
Notable Alumni: Thurgood Marshall, Sean Combs, Taraji P. Henson
Pictured: Founders Library is a National Historic Landmark.

West Virginia

West Virginia University

Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Established: 1867
Notable Alumni: Jerry West, Don Knotts, Billy Mays
Pictured: Woodburn Hall was built between 1874 and 1876.


University of Wisconsin

Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Established: 1848
Notable Alumni: Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Lindbergh, Joan Cusack
Pictured: Bascom Hall is located on top of Basom Hill, a popular location for students.


University of Wyoming

Location: Laramie, Wyoming
Established: 1886
Notable Alumni: Dick Cheney, Jerry Buss
Pictured: The Classroom Building on campus.

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