Top Spot: US Virgin Islands Pictures

Seasoned travelers Sean and Kristy Michael head to the US Virgin Islands for a 5-night stay. With a budget of $4,500, will they choose a beachfront resort, a villa in the hills or a private yacht?

Sean and Kristy of head to the beautiful US Virgin Islands. Sold to the US in 1916 by Denmark, the US Virgin Islands comprise St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Sean and Kristy have a tough decision to make: Which of the 3 very different properties will they choose?

Eco Serendib

The pool at the luxury villa Eco Serendib in St. John, the smallest (and quietest) of the US Virgin Islands.

Eco Serendib

The chef at Eco Serendib prepares a gourmet meal for Sean and Kristy. If you book roughly 120 days in advance, Eco Serendib offers a “seed to plate” experience: They’ll plant a small garden based on your requests and harvest it when you arrive.

Eco Serendib

Kristy lounges at Eco Serendib.

Eco Serendib

Sean and Kristy in a garden at Eco Serendib Villa.

Eco Serendib

The chef at Eco Serendib picks herbs from the garden.

Eco Serendib

Sean and Kristy take a tour of Eco Serendib.

Frenchman’s Reef

Sean and Kristy paddle in a clear-bottom canoe at Frenchman’s Reef, the largest resort in St. Thomas.

Frenchman’s Reef

Frenchman’s Reef’s director of sales Joyce Dore-Griffin gives Kristy and Sean a tour of the resort.

Frenchman’s Reef

Kristy and Sean have lunch at Frenchman’s Reef. The all-inclusive resort has 7 restaurants, 3 pools and its own private beach.

Xiuma Private Yacht

Kristy tries her hand at sailing the Xiuma Private Yacht. For $4,000 for 5 nights, the luxury boat is led by a husband-and-wife crew who show sailing guests around the US Virgin Islands.

Xiuma Private Yacht

The interior dining area on the spacious 55-foot-long Xiuma Private Yacht.

Xiuma Private Yacht

Jonathan Wehrung shows Kristy and Sean how to sail the private yacht.

Kristy and Sean picked the US Virgin Islands for their vacation because of the jaw-dropping coastal views. But where will they stay? Find out on Top Spot!

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