Here's Why Kosovo is the Next Trendy European Destination

The second youngest country in the world is packed with adventure, architecture and incredible cuisine. And the best part: It's super inexpensive!

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Explore the Old Town

Located above Greece and tucked in between Albania and Macedonia, there's a little country that's sure to capture your heart. Kosovo gained its independence in 2008, making it the second youngest country in the world. Although Kosovo is a young country, structures as old as the 16th century stand tall in the second most populated city of Prizren.

Marvel at Modern Architecture

Kosovo is home to everything from castles built in the Middle Ages to modern architectural marvels. Made to resemble qeleshe, a traditional Albanian hat, the National Library of Kosovo is one of the most memorable sites in Pristina. So memorable in fact, that the building was recently featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Enjoy Authentic Delicacies

Nothing is more important to Kosovars than gathering together for some homecooked food. Llokuma, a local favorite delicacy, brings friends and families together for breakfast or brunch. Much like an Italian zeppoli, they are sweet and savory. Enjoy them with feta cheese or ajvar, a pepper-based spread at Villa Germia in Germia Park.

Hike Hills or the Highest Peaks

Nestled in between the Sharr and Rugova mountain ranges, Kosovo offers countless hiking opportunities. From beginner hills to intense expeditions, there’s a trip for every kind of hiker here. The most popular trails are the simple and family-friendly trails at Germia Park. If you have a taste for adventure, try trekking Hajla Peak, one of the highest peaks in Kosovo.

Ski for Cheap

If you're looking for an inexpensive skiing trip, try the resort in Brezovica. A ski pass for one week costs about $60. The Brezovica ski resort has nine ski runs with a distance ranging between 1,000 to 12,000 feet. Although the resort is at a high elevation, there are restaurants and hotels nearby. Check out the family-run Woodland Hotel for breathtaking views.

Indulge in Traditional Cuisine

Kosovo’s traditional dishes are a lot like Greek food, but don’t say that to a Kosovar. Greeks and Kosovars don’t tend to get along, even though their cultures share a lot in common. Either way, Kosovo’s dishes are to-die-for and cheap. An average meal in Kosovo costs less than $5.

Trek the Via Ferrata

Kosovo is a one-stop shop for adventure. Along with hiking and skiing, you can also climb the via ferrata (Italian for "iron paths") in Rugova Canyon. These treks are protected climbing routes where the climbers secure themselves onto a steel cable and scale iron rungs up mountains. This is a great activity for the adventure-seeker in every family.

Camp With SuperCampers

There are multiple adventure programs in Kosovo so find the right one for you. These programs range from group hiking to private city and village tours. SuperCampers, for example, offers city tours, hikes, camping and much more for the wild at heart. Each program is different but most offer equipment you can rent so you don't have to carry it on the plane.

Satisfy Your Caffeine Craving in Style

The country is famous for its cafes and more specifically, macchiatos. You can find a cafe on every corner in the capital city Pristina. This macchiato is from Lulu's Coffee and Wine near the city square. Lulu's is a local favorite because you can visit early in the morning or late at night.

Rock On and Rave at the Music Festival

Kosovo is now home to the Sunny Hill music festival. Put together by Kosovo native and pop singer Dua Lipa, the festival brings together artists from all over the world to Pristina. Prepare for the heat, though. Sunny Hill Festival is held in early August so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Enjoy the Finer Things

Book a room for two at the luxury Swiss Diamond Hotel starting at under $190. This hotel is right in the center of downtown Pristina on Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti (Zahir Pajaziti Square). The amenities include a lavish restaurant, gorgeous pool and a full-service spa.

Sun Down, Party On

Pristina is home to a lively nightlife with numerous bars, cafes and dance clubs located on the city square and easily walkable.

Get Your Drink On

There are so many bars and cafes in Pristina, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Try Bon Vivant, an upscale bar with inventive cocktails, southeast of the city square. Bon Vivant, French for "good living," infuses Kosovar tastes with French aesthetics. It’s a lot of Europe in a small package. Or try Soma Book Station, a bar with an ever-changing food and drink menu that also sells books and vinyl records.

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