The Skeleton Nobody Can Buy & How To Get Close Enough With Similar Decor

Another year has come and gone, and people are still obsessed with Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton.

September 22, 2022
Herman the 12 foot tall skeleton stands quite tall amongst his fellow skeletons in Middletown, Maryland on October 20, 2020.

Photo by: Marvin Joseph via Getty Images

Marvin Joseph via Getty Images

Home Depot’s 12-foot Halloween skeleton became viral social media fodder when it debuted in 2020 and began popping up in yards across America that fall. Some would argue that the cartoonishly large decoration was the only good thing about 2020 in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The buzz about the bones continued in July 2021 when Home Depot announced a restock of the skeleton and the introduction of its friend — a pumpkin head skeleton with an illuminated ribcage — both of which were instant sell-outs. Those who were lucky enough to score a skeleton last year took to social media to show off how they dressed, posed, and utilized the skeleton throughout the holidays.

Fast forward to 2022. On July 14, Home Depot posted a video to its Twitter feed with all the specs about their beloved skeleton to announce the next-day launch of the 2022 Halloween collection at 6 a.m.

The boney harbinger of Halloween sold out immediately. According to a customer service chat representative, there are no current plans to restock the website, but some stores may see the occasional skeleton hit the sales floor. Online marketplaces have the skeleton, but you can expect to pay nearly double the retail price.

According to the representative, Home Depot fields questions about the skeleton year-round as consumers jockey for a chance to buy one.

Other Deadly Decor

As Halloween 2022 creeps closer, there are some alternatives to Home Depot’s coveted lawn ornament. You can always take the DIY route, and some other retailers have stepped up their offerings in the oversized decor category.

A 12-foot witch and broom from Home Depot’s line of oversized decor.

Photo by: Home Depot

Home Depot

There’s a 9.5-foot werewolf of a 12-foot witch and broom in Home Depot’s line of oversized decor.

A fully posable 7-foot skeleton from Lowes.

Photo by: Lowes


Lowe’s offers a modestly priced, fully posable 7-foot skeleton at $99.98.

8-foot skeleton with LED eyes, a moving jaw, and posable arms from Best Buy.

Photo by: Best Buy

Best Buy

Electronics retailer Best Buy has an 8-foot skeleton with LED eyes, a moving jaw, and posable arms. It retails for $349.99 but is often available for $274.99.

An 8-foot animated skeleton from craft retailer Joann.

Photo by: Jo-Ann


Craft retailer Joann’s has an 8-foot animated skeleton for $299.99.

All items were in stock at the time of publication. Prices are subject to change.

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