The Best In-Flight Snacks

Yes, good airplane food is out there. And we're not talking first class. These snacks and sips are all free in economy.

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Delta has seriously stepped up their snack game in recent years by adding healthy options such as KIND bars and almonds in addition to the cinnamon Biscoff cookies and Starbucks coffee already offered. But now, the airline is offering complimentary light meals on a dozen cross-country flights from Seattle, Boston, New York and Washington D.C. Those larger snack meals include a yummy cheese plate with three Tillamook cheeses, red grapes, green apples, olive oil sea salt crackers and a Ghirardelli dark chocolate square.

British Airways

“Pleasantly surprised” or “Aww, cool!” aren’t phrases you hear at the back of the plane, but British Airways brings out a sweet treat mid-flight that makes those brutal long hauls just a little sweeter. Even guests in economy can get a complimentary chocolate-dipped Magnum ice cream bar. While the brand isn’t big in the states, this ice cream has a cult following in Europe. Because it’s delicious.

Korean Air

If the complimentary meal doesn’t fill you up, Korean Air offers an impressive snack service in economy. Options include traditional Korean snacks such as seaweed-wrapped rice, rice cakes and ramen, but, if you’re feeling something Western, don’t worry. The snack service also includes pizza.

Hawaiian Airlines

Get a taste of Hawaii before you even land with Hawaiian Airlines. Complimentary snacks include pineapple-shaped cookies and POG (Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava) juice. If you’ve never had this insanely sweet and delicious drink, prepare to be hooked.

Air New Zealand

Cuisine on Air New Zealand is authentically Kiwi, from the complimentary New Zealand wines on long-haul flights to the Christchurch family-owned Cookie Time cookies found on shorter domestic flights. And the airline even makes landing sweeter by passing out free lollies. That’s Kiwi for hard candy. How cute is that?


There’s no shortage of opportunities to eat should you get hungry aboard Emirates. In addition to complimentary meals, long haul flights include snack services featuring fresh fruit, chocolates and even a meal-sized pizza with pesto.


United Airlines recently replaced their morning snack with new maple wafers from Savannah-based Byrd Cookie Company. The switch was a move to stay current with trending flavors in the food scene. "We know that maple is an increasingly appealing flavor, and we are always looking for ways to capitalize on trends in taste buds," said United’s Vice President of Catering Operations Charlean Gmunder. Pair the free cookies with complimentary Illy Coffee for a morning pick-me-up.


True to its roots, KLM serves complimentary Dutch stroopwafels. Literally translated, it means syrup waffle, but these waffles are more like a cookie—especially since they’re packed with gooey caramel. Wash it all down with free coffee served in a Delft-inspired blue and white cup with Dutch windmills.


JetBlue boasts a surprising amount of name-brand snacks that are typically reserved for purchase on other airlines. Favorites include Cheez-Its, TERRA veggie chips, PopCorners and Belgian Boys chocolate chip cookies.

Alaska Airlines

No basic pretzels here. Alaska Airlines has been known to shake up their pretzel packs with some interesting flavors such as an island-inspired snack pack with pineapple bits and macadamia nuts and an Asian-style mix with sesame sticks and corn nuggets.

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