Crazy Roller Coasters

Take a ride on these intense, but weird roller coasters. Roller-coaster reviewer and coaster enthusiast Robb Alvey dishes about the wackiest roller coasters in the world, including the Thunder Dolphin and the Tilt Coaster.
By: Robb Alvey
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Photo By: Robb Alvey

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Photo By: Robb Alvey

Photo By: Robb Alvey

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Thunder Dolphin

Not only does this coaster — located at Tokyo Dome City — have a wacky name, but it features some very bizarre elements, including an interesting “thread the needle” move at the top of a building and a pass through the center of a giant Ferris wheel. The coaster tours the shopping mall area and then twists and dives around the midway before heading back to the station.

The Bullet

The Bullet at Selva Magica in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a shuttle loop folded in half to take up less space. This bizarre ride starts with a backward launch and hits speeds of over 50 mph, reaching the strongest G-forces in any vertical loop. There is almost no straight track in the entire ride — in fact, even the station is twisted! This coaster has traveled the world, having been in Germany, Austria, England and Florida, and has now found permanent residency in Mexico. 

Gravity Max (The Tilt Coaster)

One of the wackiest roller coasters is located at Lihpao Land in Taiwan. The Gravity Max, also known as the Tilt Coaster, is the world’s first coaster to feature a true 90-degree drop and the world’s only tilt coaster.


When it comes to purely wacky coasters, this ride at Denmark's BonBon Land makes the top of the list. In English, Hundeprutterutchebane means “the dog fart coaster.” BonBon Land is a kid-friendly amusement park filled with fun, humorous rides.

Great Wall of China Toboggan Ride

Do you want to see the Great Wall by roller coaster? Well, you most certainly can! Ride enthusiasts can travel about an hour north of Beijing to Badaling, where they can board a (relatively slow) roller coaster that takes them to the top of the Great Wall. After visitors are done sightseeing, they can take another ride back down. This is the best way to see one of the great wonders of the world!

Driving Coaster: Vanish

Located at Cosmoworld in Yokohama, Japan, Diving Coaster does just as its name implies. This coaster creates a splash as it dives underwater through a man-made lagoon. It's both visually awesome, and quite the fun ride!

Ultra Twister

This bizarre ride was all the rage in Japan in the 1980s through 1990s. There was a similar coaster at the Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, but it was moved to the Six Flags' Astroworld in Houston. This unique "pipeline" coaster shuttles riders back and forth. It also features a near 90-degree drop and a series of "heart line twists." This one pictured is at Nagashima Spaland about 45 minutes from Nagoya by train.


Tranan is a one-of-a-kind "free fly" coaster located at Skara Sommerland in Sweden. It’s billed as family friendly, but it’s also a strange, thrill ride. The seats are aligned on the outside of the vehicle, providing riders with a 360-degree, swinging experience throughout the ride.

Euro Mir

Euro Mir is by far one of my favorite wacky rides, and it's also completely awesome! The coaster, located at Europa Park in Rust, Germany, is a mix of a Russian-inspired techno dance party, a weird mirrored-tower structure and all on a turning roller coaster. There isn't really any way to fully describe it other than to ride it yourself.

Dauling Dragons

Dauling Dragon in China is a wooden roller coaster with coasters on duel tracks racing simultaneously up a 90-degree incline. At the top of the incline where the coasters meet, it appears to look like riders in the train are close enough to reach over for a “high-5.”

Olympia Looping

This is quite possibly one of the most majestic looking roller coasters ever. Olympia Looping is a 5-loop steel roller coaster -- the world's biggest, "portable" roller coaster. It travels the German fair circuit and is one of the stand-out attractions at Munich’s Oktoberfest. This roller coaster is not to be missed.

The Smiler

Alton Towers may take the prize for some of the wackiest build-up to a roller coaster debut ever. Park marketers shaved Smiler coaster logos into sheep and sold a mouth guard that could give you an instant, forced smile. So what's all the hype for? The world's only 14-loop roller coaster! It's a crazy concept, but you will be smiling at end your ride.


Just as the ride's name suggests, this coaster’s design is insane. Located at Grona Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, Insane’s track is in the middle and seats on the side that freely spin and rotate based on the weight distribution of the riders. Prepare to spin out of control if the car is unbalanced.

The Lost Coaster

At Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello, IN, Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain will take riders on a strange wooden roller coaster journey they won't forget. The journey starts with a vertical lift up a hill system and enclosed in mine cars. Riders travel through the mountain making sharp turns and other off-track attractions including a bear. The park is located about 90 minutes from Indianapolis.


Talk about strange and wacky -- just look at the angle of the decent on this roller coaster at Japan's Fuji-Q Highland! At 121-degree angle, this coasted is touted as the world's steepest coaster.

Wacky Worm

You just simply cannot talk about wacky coasters without mentioning the king of all of them, the Wacky Worm. This is one of the most popular family-friendly roller coasters found around the world. At the amusement park, the Wacky Worm is a great “starter” roller coaster for young riders.

Alpine Coaster

Do you want to ride a roller coaster in the cold and snow? In Park City, UT, you can race along with skiers as you descend the side of Wasatch Mountain at Park City Mountain Resort. You’ll feel as though you’re flying on this toboggan-style coaster with 4,000 feet of curves, bends and loops.

Veil of Dark

Located at Tokyo Joypolis in Japan, the Veil of Dark is an interactive video game and indoor roller coaster. Part of the ride allows passengers to shoot at screens in front of them, and then suddenly, they are launched into an indoor, looping roller coaster. It's a strange but very fun ride!

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