Must-Have Theme Park Gear

These products are essential for a day in the parks. Keep the family cool, dry and comfy when waiting in those hour-plus lines.

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Portable Stool

Theme parks can be brutal on knees and the lower back because you’re standing a lot. Travel stools make waiting in line so much better. No more standing with locked knees for 45 minutes on end. These lightweight tiny chairs, like the Travel Chair Portable Stool, fold up easily and can be thrown in a backpack or slung over a stroller.

Gel Insoles

Prepare to log thousands of steps each day on a theme park vacation. Coming back to the hotel with aching heels is so common that some of Walt Disney World’s high-end properties offer mint foot cream alongside shampoo and conditioner. Slip gel insoles into your tennis shoes before you head out for the day and your feet will thank you.

Lightweight Poncho

Afternoon showers are common in the Sunshine State, but many visitors who comes to popular Orlando theme parks aren’t prepared for all the rain. These showers pass quickly, and the sun comes back out in no time. However, a lot of tourists leave the parks, thinking the rest of the day is ruined. But those in the know just throw on a lightweight poncho and wait it out. Stock up on thin ponchos, like the Stormtech Aerolite Poncho, that you can crumple and stuff in a backpack easily.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Did you know most theme parks offer water for free? You just have to ask for it. Get a large cup of ice water, fill up a water bottle, like the Vapur collapsible water bottle for kids, and skip the water fountain and beverage cart lines for the rest of the day.

Protective Clothing

It’s hard to escape the sun at a theme park, from outdoor theaters to long coaster lines. Protect your family from excessive and harmful exposure with UVA and UVB shielding clothing, like Coolibar's line of tops for kids and adults. These garments don’t replace sunscreen but when used together reduce the amount of exposure to harmful rays.

Polarized Shades

Don’t take your most expensive sunglasses to a theme park for fear of dropping them or losing them on a ride, but definitely make sure your shades have protection against UVA and UVB rays. And opt for polarized shades. Sure, you’ll look like an insect, but polarized lenses help against blinding sun glare, especially on water rides.

Waterproof Action Camera

Selfie sticks are banned from most parks. (And for good reason.) But if you want to document your family’s drop down Splash Mountain, splurge on a waterproof action camera like a GoPro. You can buy camera accessories like handles with wrist straps so you don’t have to put your smartphone in danger on a log flume ever again.

Personal Mister

As much fun as theme parks are, there is a special kind of misery to standing in long lines in 95 degree heat. Keep the family cool with a mini fan like the O2 Cool Personal Mister. These tiny fans are perfect for travel and come with a clip-on carabiner to easily hook onto a purse or belt loop.

Waterproof Phone Case

We’ve all been there. You get off the log flume ride and discover your phone was in your pocket the whole time. And just like you, it’s drenched. Invest in a waterproof bag or case for your phone so you can take photos without worrying.

Plastic Sandwich Bag

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a fancy phone case, a plastic sandwich bag will also do the trick to keep your phone, cash, tickets and anything paper safe from water rides.

Phone Charger

Taking photos, entertaining yourself while waiting in line and using a theme park app can all drain your phone battery. Keep charged throughout the day with a portable phone charger. Just make sure you charged the charger the night before!

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