2013 Photo Contest Winners

We were overwhelmed by the number of amazing travel photos submitted to our first-ever photo contest. In the end, though, these were our favorites. Check out our finalists and 5 grand-prize winners.
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Beach Huts at Sunset

"The sun sets over the beach in Cromer, England. The landscape's beauty and vibrant colors of the sky, grass, and huts helped make every night in Cromer a memorable one. Cromer had gorgeous sunsets, private huts, a beach, and a beautiful English village that keep the family busy and happy for our entire stay!" -- Skywall

Winner: A Europe Roundabout

A small little lighthouse, shining out over the Edinburgh coast line. A beautiful sunset for a beautiful night. After saving for 2 years, my wife and I are traveling Europe for the summer. It's a crazy adventure for a young couple in love. We are trying to hit 17 countries before we leave Europe. Can we do it?" -- Shem702

Celebrating the Sunrise

"Taken at Wildwood Beach, NJ." -- DPK

Hiking up High

"Hiking up high by Silverton, Colorado, requires a little extra oxygen. Taken this summer while hiking outside with a group of women." -- MANelson

Mr. Turtle

"While snorkeling with sea turtles in Hawaii, I got this shot of Mr. Turtle staring right at me. It truly captures the experience of swimming with dozens of turtles in the Pacific Ocean." -- Jewell

Lincoln Memorial at Night

"It was a rare summer night in our nation's capital when the temperature was perfect and there was a nice breeze. This was just after sunset." -- LMAN

Winner: Bubble Cheeks

"I was enjoying a fun afternoon with my 4-year-old nephew, who is learning to swim. He was showing me how to make 'bubble cheeks.'" -- Susan

Nantucket Sunset

"Nantucket Summer Sunset 2013 taken with a Samsung S3 phone camera." -- jig

Seeing Our Roots in Switzerland

"These are some sheep that had already posed for me as I was on a morning run in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Back in 2010, I saw a cousin of mine that I have only seen once since 1976. We knew that our family originated in Switzerland, so we decided to plan a trip to the home of our ancestors, Merishausen, in 2013." -- Switzerland 2013

Winner: Heavenly Thoughts

"Tintern Abbey, is situated in the village of Tintern in Monmouthsire, on the Welsh bank of the River Wye, which forms the border between Monmouthshire in Wales and Gloucestershire in England." -- Tintern Abbey

Midnight Sun in Iceland

"Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon at 11PM on July 11, 2013. The lagoon is located on the southeast coast of Iceland. These are photos from a recent two week backpacking trip in Iceland." -- MikelDallas

King of the Jungle

"Cute cub. Very aware of mom. We grabbed this close-up while on safari at Tanda Tula. Thought the cub was very cute. Noticed later that mom was much more observant than we initially believed." -- Patrick M.

Beautiful Bryce

"A view from below. My husband and I spent a day at beautiful Bryce Canyon. The views were spectacular." -- Casper

Mingling With the Natives

"Making pals along the way on our trip in South Africa. Hanging out with our pal, Abby (Adorably Big Baby)." -- Danielle

My Boy at Plantation Course, HI

"Two years old and already has a great back swing. Arms straight, head down, eyes on the ball, pasy in the mouth. Playing Maui, HI. What more could you ask for?" -- Ryan

The Harbor

"On the bridge, going into Kennebunkport, looking up the river." -- TH

Color-Splashed Sunset

"My husband and I were on a romantic diner cruise in Cabo, beautiful views!" -- SICSL

Tuscan Paradise

"Most photographed church in Italy … don't mind if I do. Chapel of The Madonna de Vitaleta." -- Sybil

Winner: Sun Catcher

"My daughter was trying to net fish in a tide pool. She lost her balance on the slippery surface and Voila! I got the shot!" -- Heather B.

A Day in Paradise

"Hawaii is one of our top destinations. We love to go there every year. This picture was taken at Big Island, HI, on a beautiful day. Look at that sunset -- it's so peaceful." -- Annie L.

African Dream

"An unforgettable journey that lasted 6 months through Africa." -- Rochi

Winner: Floating in Paradise

"My husband and I went to the beautiful island of Bora Bora on our honeymoon. Each morning, I would jump off of our balcony into the blue lagoon below. One morning my husband saw me floating and snapped my favorite shot of the trip!" -- Tiffaney

It's True Kid, Blondes Do Have More Fun

"Two 'blondes' having a moment at Irvine Park Zoo, Chippewa, WI." -- Kimberly

Emerald Lake

"Emerald Lake and Cilantro Cafe in Yoho National Park, Alberta, Canada." -- EL & CC

Mediterranean Marvels

"Sunshine over the Colosseum! My adventure to the Mediterranean this Summer was life-changing. I was captivated by the history and beauty of several of the amazing sites throughout Italy, Greece and Turkey!" -- Sable's Travels

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