Large Statues Around the World

The Great Sphinx, Big Buddha, Michelangelo's David -- they're not the only big statues out there. Take a look at these other large, yet lesser-known statues from around the world.
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These lovers smooch in the Parque del Amor in Lima, Peru. The sculpture, called El Beso ("The Kiss"), depicts its artist, Victor Delfin, and his wife kissing.

The Canadian town of Shediac in New Brunswick calls itself the "Lobster Capital of the World." To advertise this fact, the town's western entrance displays the world's largest lobster statue.

North Dakota is home to some of the largest outdoor animal statues in the world. This is Salem Sue, the world's largest (fiberglass) Holstein cow. She stands 38 feet high and weighs 12,000 lbs. You can find her in New Salem, ND.

Die Badende ("The Bather") by artist Oliver Voss, stands 13 feet high. Her head and knees break through the water's surface to look like she is soaking in a giant bathtub. The statue is displayed in different countries; in this picture, it is in Hamburg, Germany.

Non-Violence (aka "The Knotted Gun") is a pro-peace sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. It was done as a memorial tribute to his slain friend John Lennon. It sits outside the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

Dinosaur Land, in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, displays more than 30 life-sized dinosaurs, including Allosaurus, Iguanodon and Stegosaurus.

This golden turtle and its rider, known as Searching for Utopia, was made by Belgian artist Jan Fabre. It now has a permanent home in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

The Merlion, a half-fish, half-lion mythical creature, is an iconic symbol of Singapore. Visitors can climb to the crown of the 121-foot tall statue for a spectacular skyline view of the island resort of Sentosa.

The Little Mermaid, which sits on a rock in Copenhagen's harbor, was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale. She was commissioned in 1909 by a Danish businessman and philanthropist Carl Jacobsen, who found inspiration for the statue in a ballet about the fairy tale.

Located in Washington, DC near the Tidal Basin, the memorial honors "the Man, the Movement and the Message" of this amazing Civil Rights leader. It conveys four themes from Dr. King's message -- justice, democracy, hope and love.

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