These Apps Will Help You Learn Another Language

Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Konnichiwa! Shalom! If you're jonesing to learn a new language, it's now easier than ever. Here are our favorite apps and programs to help you become fluent in almost any language.

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October 15, 2019

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a classic language-learning program that you might already be familiar with, and it's the most comprehensive one on our list. The subscriptions are available on any device, including their award-winning app that has a 4.8-star rating from more than 80,000+ users. The program includes interactive activities, phrasebooks, downloadable 10-minute lessons and their patented speech recognition engine TruAccent that will help you master pronunciation. Download the app and start a free 3-day subscription trial. You can choose from four different subscription options, and Rosetta Stone offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the program.

Sign Up: Rosetta Stone, Starting at $5.99/month


This app offers full courses in 12 different languages. And while it's free to use, you'll have to shell out some cash ($17/month) to unlock many of the app's best features. Different lessons are organized around various topics where you can learn skills and expressions connected to tasks. Busuu also offers an option where you can chat directly with native speakers. If you use the desktop version, you can actually chat with others in real time.

Get the App: Busuu


The Duolingo app offers 22 different language options for you to learn — everything from Polish to Swahili, with all the basics available, too. The app uses a combination of text, pictures and audio in order to help you on your language-learning journey. Each lesson you complete moves you on to more difficult and challenging lessons. You don't have to register to use the app, but if you do, you can track your own progress as you become more and more fluent.

Get the App: Duolingo


Memrise takes a unique approach to learning by helping you make funny associations with different words using memes created by the user community. The app also relies on "spaced repetition," which is an algorithm that calculates when and how often you should review each word you learn in your new language.

Get the App: Memrise


HelloTalk is an app that's specifically designed to help you practice your speaking in another language. Using a WhatsApp-like interface to send voice and text messages, users can correct each other with a built-in correction tool. So, each user becomes the other's tutor. You can also mark your top conversations and exchanges so you can save your favorite phrases and words.

Get the App: HelloTalk


Babbel offers a subscription that allows you to learn real-life conversation skills on the go in bite-sized lessons with an easy-to-navigate app, which is accessible and synced across all of your devices. The program features curated review sessions that reinforce what you’ve learned by bringing it back in new contexts, committing it to memory. You can choose from four different payment options for subscriptions, and Babbel offers a 20-day, money-back guarantee.

Sign Up: Babbel, Starting at $6.95/month


MindSnacks is so cute you might actually feel like you're playing a game instead of learning a brand-new language. While the app only offers seven different languages, there are around nine games for each language that help you practice your vocabulary, grammar and listening. They have targeted 1,000 of the most-used words and phrases in each language. The games are also timed, which will really keep you on your toes.

Get the App: MindSnacks


Tandem is a fun language-learning app that allows you to chat with native speakers from all over the world. First, you create a profile, including a photo, then look for others you'd like to chat with. This messaging app is a unique take on the language-learning process, and it's a great way to fine-tune your writing and grammar skills.

Get the App: Tandem


Here's another learning app that takes a unique approach: no reading, no writing...just five minutes a day. The app is incredibly visual and focuses on showing you clean illustrations as you practice spelling, unscrambling letters or matching pictures to different translations. This app is great as a lightweight way to build your vocabulary skills.

Get the App: Drops


If you're looking for a full immersion in another language, the Mondly app is for you. This app aims to help you feel immersed in another country's language by helping you experience it via a virtual reality (VR) interface. There are unique, rapid-fire question and answer sessions that help you think on your feet. For example, if you walk into the restaurant, a native-speaking waiter might ask you what you'd like, then you can choose one of three answers and speak it into your microphone.

Get the App: Mondly

Living Language

Living Language offers comprehensive courses in 29 different languages. Using techniques originally developed for members of the State Department, this course works to systematically help you learn a new language lesson by lesson. You will learn grammar, pronunciation, as well as helpful cultural notes. While there are some free resources, the program does require a monthly subscription.

Get the App: Living Language