Travel Like Mad Men

We’re mad for Mad Men. Travel through the glamorously gritty world of Madison Avenue advertising: Enjoy a 3-martini lunch, grab a getaway at Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel and so much more.
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Madison Avenue

The ad men of Madison Avenue unleash their creative juices, and sometimes a little bit more, on Manhattan’s famed north-south avenue. Don a fedora like Mr. Draper, and explore the avenue’s famed architecture in style. Just don’t look too hard for Sterling Cooper’s offices at 405 Madison Avenue -- it doesn’t exist.

NY Rail Travel

Work hard, play hard in Manhattan, and when evening comes, take the train up to the wife and kids in posh Westchester County. And so it goes for chain-smoking, debonair Don Draper. Leave behind the hustle-and-bustle of the Big Apple yourself, and take the Ethan Allen Express from NYC to Rutland, VT, passing through the Catskills and Vermont’s Green Mountains on the way.

Betty and Don Draper's House

The fresh white paint, the perfectly manicured lawn … everything seems just a little too perfect. And for Don and Betty Draper, it is -- in fact, this house isn’t really located at 42 Bullet Park Road in Ossining, NY. It’s actually in Pasadena, CA.

The Roosevelt Hotel

Sorry, Don, but you had it coming: The lying, the cheating -- Betty had no choice. See the Midtown Manhattan hotel where Don stayed after his wife gave him the boot. Of course, with its grand interior décor from posh mahogany furniture to luxurious suites, you may not ever want to leave.

LA Music Center

Ah, Roma! A city packed with ancient wonders -- but it was Betty’s Colosseum-high-hair we couldn’t keep our eyes off during her trip to the Eternal City with Don. Which may explain why location didn’t really matter so much; the episode was actually filmed at the Music Center in downtown LA -- a city landmark for the arts since it opened in 1964.

P.J. Clarke’s

“Should we drink before the meeting, after the meeting or both?” That is the question, and the guys and gals of Mad Men find the answer at this famous saloon on Third Avenue in Manhattan. Kick back with a selection of specialty cocktails, wine, beer and spirits. You’ll find plenty of options -- whether you swing by before, during or after a meeting.

Oyster Bar

Make it a 3-martini power lunch at this iconic seafood restaurant in Grand Central Terminal’s lower level. Just don’t get too plastered on oysters and vodka if you have a big business meeting that same day -- unless, of course, your name is Roger Sterling, and it’s payback time for hitting on Don’s wife a few nights before. Bad move, Roger -- Don’s got your number.

Dublin House

We knew Joan’s fiancé, Greg, was no good, especially after his behavior with Joan in Roger’s office one day. So when Greg says he’s been sitting in the Dublin House until 2 a.m. after being declined a medical residency, we say, “Stay there!” Of course, you may want to as well, and for all the right reasons: This Upper West Side Bar has some of the best Guinness this side of the pond.


Oh, Pete, you’re such a bad, bad boy. Too bad Trudy didn’t realize as much before you rather ungraciously returned the ceramic chip-and-dip platter from her aunt here. (How could you?!) Fill your own “Little Brown Bag” up at this legendary department store on Third Avenue in Midtown. And don’t worry: Your secret’s safe with us if you return the chip and dip.

The Pierre Hotel

We still don’t get why Peggy had a tryst with over-the-hill Duck Phillips -- and at this elegant hotel overlooking Central Park, too. (Seriously, Peggy, what were you thinking?!) Obliterate the memory from your mind, and enjoy the Pierre’s finer side, from its high ceilings and abundant natural light to a delectable evening for 2 at the hotel’s Sirio Ristorante. Men named “Duck” not invited.

Bob's Big Boy Broiler

Welcome to the diner where lust turned to love: It all started with a milkshake -- it spilled, and Don got angry at his careless kid. But then the secretary-on-vacation-with-the-family, Megan, stepped in and cleaned up the mess and … Don’s heart melted. Visit the scene of it all at this iconic American diner in Downey, CA.

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