Travel Like The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Emily Maynard looks for romance around the world and finds each destination is a more "perfect place to fall in love" than the last.

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Photo By: The May Fair Hotel, London

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Their first international trip "has Emily written all over it"-- Bermuda, an island of turquoise waters, pink sands and tiny bikinis. She and her bachelors explored quaint St. George’s, competed in a sailboat race at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and walked under a lucky Moon Gate, which legend says blesses young lovers.

Rosewood Tucker's Point

The bachelors arrived on mopeds at the gorgeous Rosewood Tucker’s Point, an 88-room British colonial-style luxury resort. On a 1-on-1 date, Emily and Doug enjoyed a candlelit dinner in the wine cellar at The Point, the resort's fine dining restaurant.

Cliff Jumping

What's a bigger rush than falling in love? Nate, John and Emily found out when they went cliff jumping on Dive Board Island.

Crystal Caves

The awkward 2-on-1 date continued with an intimate dinner among the stalactites and reflecting pools of Crystal Caves. Accidentally discovered in 1905 by 2 teenagers during a game of cricket, the caves have become one of Bermuda's biggest attractions.


Upon arriving in London, the bachelors settled into the Amarillo Suite at the May Fair Hotel, which boasts some of the best suites in the city.

The May Fair Hotel, London

The 5-star hotel was first opened in 1927 by King George V. Good enough for a British royalty and The Bachelorette? We're booking now …

Double Decker Bus Tour

Emily was a wealth of knowledge as she and Sean whizzed by Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral on a double-decker bus. Wait, so you don't have producers feeding you trivia? You can rely on a guide from the same tour company.

Hyde Park

You don't have to profess your love on "Speaker's Corner" like Sean to enjoy a romantic picnic in Hyde Park.

Royal Shakespeare Company

If you enjoyed the guys' performance of Romeo and Juliet, taking in a show at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon will be infinity more authentic. (No offense, Arie.)

Afternoon Tea at the Chiswick House

Emily and Jef's 1-on-1 date got off to a rocky start at the Chiswick House, but chances are you'll have a much better time sharing afternoon tea at the magnificent estate without Jean, their etiquette coach, hovering over you.

London Eye

The 2 capped off the night by sharing dessert onboard the London Eye. Visitors can hire private capsules to take in the stunning skyline, too, but if you opt for the Cupid's Capsule, let’s hope you enjoy the champagne and truffles more than Emily and Jef -- who left their dessert untouched.


Next, they journeyed to Croatia, where the bachelors were rightfully blown away by the charming clay rooftops and gleaming Adriatic Sea.

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

Emily and Travis "felt like [they] went back in time" as they strolled the narrow, cobblestone streets within Dubrovnik's city walls.

Balancing Stone in Dubrovnik

Legend has it that those who can stand on the Dubrovnik balancing stone and take off their shirt at the same time will be lucky in love. Not surprisingly, Travis' refusal to try left him standing without a rose.


Next, Emily checked into the Aria Hotel Prague. Popular with Hollywood stars, each of the hotel’s 4 floors is dedicated to a different genre of music: jazz, opera, classical and contemporary.

Goldenwell Hotel

Meanwhile, the guys checked into the Golden Well Hotel, where Chris famously suffered a meltdown about his lack of time with Emily.

Prague Boat Tour

Emily and John's 1-on-1 boat tour through picturesque Prague is as romantic as it looks. Private Prague Guide even offers private boat tours when the city is lit up at night.

Lennon Wall

Since the 1980s, disgruntled young Czechs have filled the Lennon Wall with graffiti and lyrics from Beatles songs. So what do Emily and John paint? The Bachelorette boat race, of course.

Krivoklat Castle

Emily took Doug, Chris and Sean to Krivoklat Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. A popular, romantic wedding site, you can also tour the legendary prison and torture chamber if you're not worried about ruining the mood.


While Emily may be the first Bachelorette in history to pass up the beautiful fantasy suites, she still got her fairytale on the island of Curacao with an intimate proposal at night in the cobblestone courtyard of the Kura Hulanda Resort.

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