Twilight Tour

Travel like a vampire with our Twilight tour. From the official Twilight town, Forks, WA, to the ancient Italian city, Volterra, see the locations from the popular saga.

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Forks, Washington

Forks, WA, a sleepy small town in the Pacific Northwest, sprang to life with the Twilight phenomenon. The rainiest town in the US, averaging 212 days of rain a year, was the perfect setting for author Stephenie Meyer to base her Twilight book series. Where else would a family of sun-fearing vampires live?

Forks, Twilight Town

The Twilight craze breathed new life into the town of Forks, WA. “Twihards" from around the world flock to this wet town on the Olympic Peninsula to see the locations from the books and films. Forks, a 3-stoplight town, welcomes fans to explore its darker side, embracing its official “Twilight” town status.

Bella’s Truck

Stop by the Forks Chamber of Commerce for your Twilight tour map and get a photo with “Bella’s Truck.” The 1956 Chevy truck was painted red by one of the town’s residents in homage to the Twilight character that brought this town its fame.

The Cullen House

The Miller Tree Inn in Forks, WA, is named the “Cullen House” by the town of Forks. While it resembles the book’s description of the Cullen’s home, it looks nothing like the movie version. That doesn’t stop fans from relishing in the Twilight theme here, with innkeepers who speak “Twilight” and Twilight memorabilia scattered throughout the inn.

Bella Italia

Loyal locals and Twilight fans from around the world dine at this small Italian restaurant in Port Angeles, the setting for Edward and Bella's first date. If you’re not on a vampire blood-only diet, you have no excuse to pass up Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli.

La Push Beach, Washington

La Push, a mere 12 miles from Forks, is home to the Quileute people. In the Twilight saga, Jacob and his wolf pack hail from the reservation. Whether you’re on Team Jacob or Team Edward, La Push is worth a visit to see some of the most stunning beaches on the Olympic Peninsula.

Volterra, Italy

The ancient Italian city Volterra is where the powerful vampires Volturi reside in the Twilight saga. In the film version of Twilight’s New Moon, the Volterra scenes were actually filmed in the Italian town Montepulciano. Vampire-scouting aside, both are charming towns that should be part of any Tuscany tour, thanks to their medieval architecture and some of the best wine tasting in Italy.

Jacob’s Java

La Push’s Quileute people welcome the new interest in their tribe as a result of the Twilight craze. In the saga, Jacob leads young Quileute men who shapeshift into wolves and are tasked with guarding the reservation from vampires. Fans can stop by Jacob’s Java espresso stand in La Push for a cup of famous Washington coffee and perhaps a little werewolf scouting.

Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest, lying outside the town of Forks, WA, can get up to 12 feet of rain a year, earning the status of one of the wettest spots in the world. The gloomy skies and towering trees (over 200 feet high and 500 years old) make it the perfect setting for vampire and werewolf battles in Twilight.

Denali, Alaska

Vegetarian vampires? They exist in this vampire saga. In Twilight, humans are safe from the Denali coven that dwell in Denali, AL. With a large supply of game in the Denali National Park, the Denali vampires feast on wild animals versus humans. With six million acres of stunning wilderness, Denali appeals to us for its lack of humans, too.

Port Angeles, Washington

In Twilight, Port Angeles is the often the small-town escape for teenagers in Forks -- whether to watch a movie, shop for prom dresses or to have their first date with a vampire. Located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, Port Angeles gets significantly less rain than other areas of Washington -- hardly good news for sun-fearing vampires traveling through here.

Paraty, Brazil

If you were a vampire who’d just gotten married, where would you go on your honeymoon? A private island in Brazil, of course. While the book’s Isle Esme is fictional, the Breaking Dawn film was shot in Paraty, Brazil. You can even rent the house in Paraty, where Bella and Edward’s honeymoon scene was filmed, for a mere $4,000 a day. The romantic paradise can only be accessed by boat or helicopter; it even has its own private beach.

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